What type of services does shoe repair include?

Our shoe repair services include standard repairs such as: replacing lifts and repairing zips, heels, and soles.

Who will repair my shoes or boots?

Most repairs are carried out in the shops of our partners. Some more complex shoe repairs are sent to a specialist shoe repair centre where they are repaired by expert craftsmen.

How much will boot or shoe repair cost?

The price of a boot or shoe repair will vary depending on the service required please see our price list

Does your shoe repair service cover leather and suede material shoes or boots, scuff marks, and the replacement of rubber soles?

Yes, but this may take longer than the standard 48 hours to repair.

Can shoe repair resize boots and shoes?

Yes – Stretching machines can increase length and width (most successful on flat shoes), as well as stretch specific areas, like too-tight toes. On the other hand, inner soles, tongue pads, and heel grips can tighten up the fit. Similarly, tall boots can be altered to a degree: Too-loose pairs can be taken in, while snug ones can be stretched about 1/2 inch in the calf. However this is not a service that we currently offer.

Can you shorten heels or make heels higher with shoe repair?

Making heels taller is virtually impossible. Some cobblers may attempt to alter the heel height up to 1/4 to 1/2 inch, depending on the boot/shoe but this is a decision that is ultimately left up to their discretion. As such this is not a service that we currently offer.

Can shoe repair shorten boot shafts or stretch boots?

Some repair shops will refuse to take this on, but others will, if the boot has a zipper that can be clipped and a design that allows for an inch or two to be taken off the top. Please note that the finished edge is unlikely to look exactly the same. In regards to making the shaft wider, the general answer is no. It is unlikely that the shaft will be able to be stretched any more than about 0.5″. This is not a service that we currently offer.

Why should I choose shoe repair over buying new shoes?

You can replace just about any part of a shoe. A handy rule of thumb is this: If a repair costs less than half the price of new shoes, repair the old ones. This makes it more cost effective for you to repair your footwear, than to discard your shoes and purchase new ones.

Can an ankle strap be added to shoe repair?

The types of shoe to which can have ankle straps added include pumps, flats, and sandals. The cost would be dependent on the type of shoe and type of strap. However, this is not a service that we currently offer.