How do I know the best way to clean my items?

Each item has its own care label from the manufacturer confirming the best cleaning process. You can refer to the care label on the items or, if you are not sure, you can trust the years of experience of our dry-cleaning experts.

Is there anything I need to do before my collection?

Please remove any collar stiffeners and cuff links from shirts and ensure you empty any pockets before giving us your items.

What if I have special requirements?

Our drivers are experienced in dry cleaning and can happily take your requirements on your collection. You can also contact our Customer Care Team or, if you are placing the order through the app, leave a note on your order.


What should I put my clothes in to?

You can put your clothes in to a plastic bag for the first collection. Please note, we are unable to take responsibility for bags we are given. We will, however, give you one of our nice laundry bags for future collections.

Where can you collect my items from?

We can collect your items from your home, office or concierge.

Can I trust you with my clothes?

Yes, we will ensure any of your requirements are adhered to. We are also guided by the manufacturer’s care label on all garments, which confirms the best practice to use during the cleaning process. If a care label is missing, you can trust our cleaners with years of experience to treat your items safely.

Are you insured against damage?

Yes, Lady Valet Dry Cleaners are insured.  However, claims can only be made with a valid receipt and a 45% depreciation of the value of the garment will be applied.

Where are the items cleaned?

At our premises in Hertfordshire