Why is your iron only service not cheaper than washing and ironing for shirts?

A perfect finish can be attained in a couple of minutes with a damp shirt that is straight out of the wash. If shirts have been washed at home the wrinkles have often dried in and are very difficult to remove, making this a time-consuming process where perfect results cannot be guaranteed.

Why are prices for shirts different?

We have automated machinery for pressing shirts that reduces the time and cost involved considerably.

How long does it take for shirts to be cleaned?

We require a minimum of 9 working hours to wash bed linen, this means that a same day service is possible in areas where we offer this, provided the items are collected before 10am.

Are the hangers that the shirts are returned on recyclable?

Our hangers can be re-cycled and you can also feel free to hand them to the driver on your next order.

Are you insured against damage?

Yes, Lady Valet Dry Cleaners are insured.  However, claims can only be made with a valid receipt and a 45% depreciation of the value of the garment will be applied.

Can you clean any kind of stains?

We clean all stains.  However, this does not guarantee full removal of the stain. To give us the best opportunity of removing stains, please inform us what originally caused it, as the stain removal product may vary in accordance with this additional information.

Can you repair shirts as well?

We can repair most damage to shirts which includes rips, tears, broken buttons etc