How much is wedding dress cleaning?

Our wedding dress cleaning starts at £ 60.00. We will always be in touch with you with a quote before commencing any cleaning work

Why should I get my wedding dress cleaned?

To avoid stains – Professional cleaners and preservationists are trained to spot the unseen, of course. They’ll be able to deal with any stains on your wedding gown, from the invisible to the visible.

When to get my wedding dress cleaned?

Brides often wait up to six weeks to take their dresses to be cleaned, and that’s no good! By that time, stains will have had time to really set in. Take your dress off as soon as the reception is over and make sure it gets to the dry cleaner the very next day.

How long does it take to dry clean my wedding dress?

2 days to a week depending on style and material

What does it mean to preserve a wedding dress?

Preservation refers to the special cleaning and packaging techniques used to ensure your gown retains its beauty. A professional preservationist will review your gown (the materials, embellishments and various stains etc) and then formulate a specialized cleaning procedure to treat it.

How should I package my wedding dress for collection?

Any bag is fine for collection. For delivery customers have the option to receive their dress back in a box.

Can veils, gloves and underskirts be cleaned along with the dress?

We currently dry clean gloves and veils and underskirts.

Will my wedding dress be insured?

All items given to Lady Valet Dry Cleaners are insured. In the rare case of damage, the customer will be eligible for a reimbursement, should we be found at fault.

What cleaning processes are used for wedding dresses?

Once our specialists have inspected your dress they will then treat any stains, blemishes or imperfections, make any necessary repairs followed by a delicate dry clean. Your garment will then be hand-pressed and wrapped in acid-free tissue and delicately folded in an elegant presentation box if requested.